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Las Vegas Car Battery Services
Replacement And Installation Services For Car Batteries

The bottom line is that even if you are fanatical about car maintenance if your car lacks the right battery that has been correctly fitted and installed, you won’t get very far at all. Batteries impact everything from the locks on your car doors to the functioning of your ignition, so there really is no substitute for the proper battery.

The professionals at All European Auto Repair provide a full range of battery replacement and installation services, such as:

Complimentary battery checks to make certain that your battery is generating output in line with the specifications of its manufacturer. You can also receive a full cleaning of all battery terminals in combination with an application of a product designed to prevent damaging corrosion. Available services also include removal and safe disposal of old batteries and installation of a top-quality replacement unit.

How Vehicle Batteries And Electrical Systems Operate

A typical 12-volt car battery is made up of a number of lead plates that sit in a solution of 35% sufuric acid and 65% water. This is where a chemical reaction takes place that sends electrons through the battery’s conductors, which in turn generate electricity. This is then sent through the car’s own electrical system. Auto batteries transmit electricy to every electrical component in the car, such as that which is necessary to get the vehicle started. When the electrical system is under heavy loads, batteries will also provide supplemental power via its charging system.

Car Charging Systems

A vehicle’s charging system really is the lynchpin of its electrical functioning ability, and it is made of three main elements, namely, the circuits, the alternator, as well as the voltage regulator.

Alternators are designed to send power to the car’s electrical system, but also to recharge the car battery as the car is in running mode.

Circuits serve as the conduits for electricity, and the voltage regulator helps ensure that a safe level of electricity is traveling through the circuits. Keep in mind that every part of this type of system needs regular maintenance and care. The battery is not the only thing that may require replacement. When any of the components breaks down, the car’s power source will be rendered ineffective.

Starter Functionality

You may think it intuitive that the car’s starting mechanism is what gets the car engine running, but this is a process that demands more electricity than any other vehicle function. A car starting system is made of a trio of key elements that work in consecutive order. These components are the starter relay/solenoid, the starter motor, and the ignition switch.

Mode of Operation

When the ignition is turned, a minor amount of electrical current is sent through the relay, forcing an even stronger current to travel through the battery’s cables and onward to the starter motor. This, in turn, gets the engine cranking, causing the piston to produce sufficient suction to bring a blend of gas and air through to the cylinder. Then, the ignition system produces a spark, igniting the aforementioned mixture, and causing the engine to start.

Get in touch with our team if you are in need of battery replacement services, or you are due for repairs or maintenance for your car’s electrical system.

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