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Most of the time, the need for auto repair is pretty obvious. You know when it’s time to take your car to a reliable Sunrise Mountain auto repair service. But there are times when the problem isn’t so direct. That’s then you need to pay close attention to how the car performs so that you can prevent costly repairs down the road. This article provides information on some of the not so obvious problems in your car. If you notice any of these signs in your vehicle, you should contact a reliable NV, Sunrise Mountain auto repair service for further diagnostics and repair.

If your car produces excessive exhaust smoke, it should be a cause for concern. The color of the smoke will give you an indication of the actual problem with the vehicle. For example, if you notice excessive black exhaust smoke, your vehicle is burning too much fuel. On the other hand, white smoke indicates a coolant leak while blue smoke is an indication of oil in the combustion chamber. Any of these early signs should be taken seriously. You should call a professional auto technician in Sunrise Mountain to inspect and fix the problem.

Repetitive weird noises from the car while driving need to be taken seriously. If not, you should expect a hefty repair bill over time. A knocking transmission noise from under the hood or grinding noises while braking should be checked out immediately. It can be a sign of worn brake pads or engine bearings. Replacing these worn out parts are important to improve the efficiency of the engine and prolong the lifespan of your vehicle.

Odd smells from the vehicle indicate trouble. In fact, a sweet, maple-like smell may indicate that your car is leaking coolant. A burning paper smell indicates a clutch repair while a gym bag smell indicates mold in the heater or AC vents. If you notice any of these smells, you should call a professional auto technician in Sunrise Mountain, NV to diagnose and fix the problem.

Fuel efficiency is important for the smooth functioning of the vehicle as well as to save money in the long run. The fuel economy of a vehicle is affected by different factors. An accurate diagnosis by a reliable auto repair technician in Sunrise Mountain will let you know why you have to spend more time at the gas pump. On the other hand, if your vehicle is lagging in its performance compared to how it performed in the past, something is obviously wrong with the vehicle. Lack of overall power and the inability to quickly accelerate the vehicle are some of the common signs that your vehicle needs a trip to a reliable auto repair shop in Sunrise Mountain.

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