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7 Warning Signs That You Need Auto Repair Services

Many cars brought to auto repair shops across Las Vegas frequently need proper servicing according to recommended intervals and standards. It is alarming, especially when you think about the many vehicles on the roads that need auto repair. However, most car owners must remember to take their cars for maintenance checks because they have busy work schedules. They will cover significant miles without considering when they did the last oil change or tune-up.

However, cars will exhibit unmistakable signs indicating the need for prompt attention to prevent expensive repairs.

Below are the seven signs to watch out for that point to the need to take your car to the shop for auto repair services.

    1. Dashboard warning lights

    The dashboard lights are designed to warn you of anything wrong with your vehicle, and they are an onboard diagnostic system you must never ignore. Call your auto repair specialist and book an appointment when the lights start blinking or flashing.

    2. Oil spots under the car

    You have a leaking motor if you find dark brown oil spots on the ground when pulling your car from where you parked it. A minor problem, such as a loose drain plug or filter, could cause the issue. Conversely, you may have a crucial problem like a worn engine gasket.

    3. Greenish fluid under the car

    When you find radiator fluid on the ground where you have parked your vehicle, the issue could be minor, such as a poorly fitted hose. It also could be due to a serious problem such as a cracked radiator. A leaking radiator can cause the engine to overheat, damaging the engine.

      4. Noisy brakes

      When you hear squeaking, squealing, or metal grinding on metal when your car is moving or hits the brakes, you might have broken or worn-out rotors, pads, discs, or calipers.

      5. Rumbling or sputtering under the car

      Any rumbling or sputtering sounds underneath the vehicle are signs of exhaust system problems, like a bad catalytic converter or your muffler has a hole.

      6. Shrieking or chirping from under the hood

      Serpentine belts, or drive belts, direct engine power to accessory systems. The belts are prone to wear when the vehicle is running; thus, they will fray or become brittle and be susceptible to breaking.

      7. Growling or Humming noise when driving

      When you hear roaring or humming sounds when driving, you might have worn-out tires, which might also be deformed, or your wheel bearing has an issue.

      If you have encountered any of the abovementioned problems, please act fast. Schedule an appointment in a trusted auto repair shop in Las Vegas. Overlooking any of these warning signs will quickly see you face significantly costlier automobile damages.

      Contact us or visit our auto repair shop if you are looking for quality inspection, maintenance, and repairs. We have ASE-certified technicians who can examine your vehicle and advise you on the best solutions to correct the problems and have your car in tip-top shape. At All European Auto Repair Las Vegas, we serve North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Las Vegas car owners.

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