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Maintaining Your Vehicle A/C in Las Vegas

Let’s face it! It just gets hot in the Las Vegas Valley in the summertime. In fact, according to the National Weather Service, Death Valley just reported a new high of 130 degrees yesterday, on August 16, 2020!

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Las Vegas is also currently undergoing an excessive heat warning as well. Because of the heat in and around the Las Vegas area, keeping your vehicle air conditioning system working properly is obviously extremely important. You do not want your a/c to stop working when you are in the middle of your journey and on the road.

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Here are a few tips to make sure you maintain your air conditioning unit throughout the year so you do not experience a problem during the warm summer months in Vegas!

How do you maintain a car air conditioner?

In order to maintain your vehicle a/c/, you need to regularly run it, even in the winter time. Even in winter, turn it on and let it run for 10 minutes once a week. Air conditioning systems also need to be recharged every 2 years. This is extremely important to keep your a/c in good health and not eventually break down on you. All European can handle any make or model vehicle recharge to make sure your a/c stays in tip top shape. Cleaning away debris and also making sure your air filing is clean will also help to keep your truck air conditioning system in good health.

How Can I make my car air conditioner last longer?

Have Your Fan Belt Checked. Allow one of All European’s technicians to take a look at your car’s drive belt to ensure it’s working properly. Make sure your coolant is not low and topped off as well. Also it is a good tip to turn off your air conditioner before you cut the engine to your vehicle. This will help your system last longer.

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Does my car air conditioner need servicing?

You should have your luxury vehicle’s air conditioner serviced at least every 2 years. All European will inspect your system and ensure that the liquids used by the system are replenished and that your system is in good working order.

Why is my car air conditioner not blowing cold air?

If your vehicle’s a/c is not blowing cold air, though there could be other issues, the most common cause of this would be a leak or a compressor issue. Other problems that could cause this type of issue are a clogged filter, you are low on Freon, it could be a radiator problem, or a cooling fan problem. If you haven’t had your a/c unit recharged in at least two years this could also be another cause of your issue and you should have All European fix this for you right away.

If it’s time to get your air conditioner recharged or if your vehicle air conditioning needs repair, give our Las Vegas auto repair experts a call today! Our technicians are certified to handle any air conditioning recharge or repair that is needed for any make or model of vehicle! We can be reached at (702) 363-9191 or simply stop on by and talk to one of our friendly service technicians:

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