Regular maintenance is necessary for your car, but putting off tasks like oil changes and brake repairs is easy. However, your car’s brakes are essential for driving and your family’s safety. Avoid skipping brake maintenance, and if you see any of these warning signs of brake problems, take the vehicle to a trustworthy auto repair shop in Las Vegas.

Common Causes of Brake Failure

Each year, brake failure results in hundreds of car accidents. The owner’s carelessness is, without a doubt, the primary cause of brake failure. Over time, neglecting regular maintenance plans might have catastrophic effects. Other reasons why brakes fail are as follows:

  • Overheated brake pads. Overuse causes brake pads to overheat. The brake pads deteriorate with time and require replacement.
  • Damaged rotor disks. A damaged rotor disk shortens the brake pads’ lifespan and makes stopping considerably more complex than usual.
  • Hydraulic fluid leaks. If the brake fluid is contaminated, your brakes could fail. Inspect your car’s brakes to ensure a leaky hydraulic line hasn’t entered the braking system.
  • Driving through mud. Braking may become challenging if you drive through mud or water as it reduces the friction between the rotor disks and brake pads.
  • Loss of hydraulic brake fluid pressure. Stopping the car rapidly without the proper hydraulic brake fluid pressure is almost hard.
  • Vehicle overloading. If your vehicle is overloading, you may find it more challenging to stop it quickly. Make sure your car is loaded correctly.
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7 Warning Signs You Need Brake Repair

Your vehicle or truck usually tells you when the brakes are faulty, but you must pay attention. Look for these signs that indicate it’s time to replace your brakes.


Brake Light Is On

The brake light on your dashboard is the simplest way to determine if your brakes require service. It is typically visible and comes in red, orange, or yellow. When your brake light illuminates, you must schedule a brake inspection. Depending on your car’s warranty terms, auto repair shops in Las Vegas and selected dealerships can carry out this inspection for you.


Vibration While Driving

Driving-related steering wheel vibration is another sign of braking problems. An uneven rotor is one possible reason for vibrating steering wheels while driving. To get the braking system tested, you need to take your car to a mechanic.


What Is a Brake Rotor?

The disc inside your car’s wheels is called a brake rotor. The brake pads on both sides of the rotor contract when you depress the brake pedal, slowing and eventually stopping the wheels. Smooth and well-spaced rotors are ideal for optimal vehicle braking performance. However, the rotor wears and may get rusted over time. An auto mechanic usually smooths the rotor’s face to correct the uneven areas in these cases.


Noises of Grinding or Squeaking When Braking or Driving

Generally speaking, you should have your car examined by an expert mechanic if it makes odd noises while you’re driving. Nonetheless, a few noises typically point to a brake issue.


Noises of Squeaking While Driving

If you hear a loud squealing sound when driving and stop when you apply the brake, your brake pads might need to be replaced. The brake pad wear indicates it is in contact with a rotor, causing the screeching sound.


Noises of Grinding While Braking

A grinding sound when braking can indicate several different problems. For instance, the brake pads could have completely worn through, or a rock might be lodged in the caliper unit. However, a grinding noise when braking could result in several problems, so you should immediately bring your car to a nearby Las Vegas auto repair shop.


Leaking Fluid

If your car is leaking fluid and you have problems with your brakes, you should have a service professional check to see if the leak is coming from the master cylinder or another part of the brake system. If your car spills brake fluid, the brake pads on the motor can not be forced to wear down.


Soft Brake Pedal

Keep an eye on the brake pedal’s resistance. If it appears spongey or “softer” than usual, immediately take your car in for service. This issue could be the result of several different issues. Brakes are crucial to your safety, so get an inspection done as soon as possible.


Burning Smell When Driving

You should stop if you smell something odd while driving as soon as it’s safe. A chemical smell could indicate that your brakes or clutch have overheated when you brake forcefully. Inspecting your brake system is essential since overheated brakes can lead to failure.


Car Pulls On One Side While Braking

You can have a problem with the brake caliper or brake hose if your car pulls to one side as you use the brake. The car stops unevenly if one of the calipers delivers more pressure on one side of the brake than the other.

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How Can All European Auto Repair Help With Brake Repair?

All European Auto Repair provides full auto service. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team has offered quality car repair and maintenance services to Las Vegas, NV, and the surrounding areas. Please call us as soon as possible to arrange for a brake inspection if you see any of the aforementioned signs of brake issues. We can address any questions you may have concerning your brakes and offer our advice. Call us today at (702) 363-919.