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Welcome to Las Vegas Rolls Royce Repair, your premier destination for luxury automotive care. Our workshop specializes in providing top-tier maintenance and repair services for one of the most prestigious car brands in the world. With over 20 years of experience, our highly qualified mechanics understand the intricacies and demands of maintaining and repairing Rolls-Royce models. From routine oil changes to more complex transmission issues, our service covers every aspect of your vehicle’s needs.

Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our use of genuine Rolls Royce parts, state-of-the-art diagnostics tools, and a commitment to delivering unparalleled customer service. Whether your prized vehicle requires brake adjustments, suspension tuning, or electrical system troubleshooting, our team is equipped to handle it all. We recognize the importance of your Rolls Royce’s performance and aesthetic, so we also offer detailing services to keep your vehicle as majestic as it drives.

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Tips for Repairing a Rolls Royce

Owning a Rolls Royce is a dream for many people. These are stunning vehicles that age well and are comparatively easy to maintain. Repairing a Rolls Royce – especially a 1981 – 2000 model- is something you might even be able to do yourself if you are moderately mechanically inclined. Here are a few common issues with Rolls Royce vehicles that you might want to look out for, as well as some thoughts about which are easy to repair and which will be more expensive.

Tell Tale Signs of Neglect

If you look at a Rolls Royce and the paint job is scratched, or the interior is faded and tattered, this could also be a sign of mechanical neglect. Cosmetically, repairing a Rolls Royce can be expensive because of the luxurious leather interiors, so think carefully if you’re looking to buy a classic car and want to keep that classic look, especially in the Las Vegas heat during the summertime.

Tire Issues

A Rolls Royce, especially a more modern one, should have V-rated or better tires with stiff sidewalls – because that gives the car good handling. If you are looking at a used Rolls Royce that handles very poorly, the tires could be the answer, and replacing them is a simple job.

Under the Hood

Another issue that many Rolls Royce have is leaks – it is not uncommon for older cars to leak oil from around the valve cover near the middle of the engine. Ensure all the valves are well sealed, there are no cracked seals, and all belts and hoses are in good condition. The good news about older Rolls Royce engines is that compared to today’s electronic monstrosities, they are quite simple to understand, so you can pull out a part, fit a replacement, and not have to worry about sensors, chips, and circuit boards. There’s no diagnostic software to worry about, either.

Clogged gaskets can be a common problem, and you should check the oil filler to ensure it is free from sludge and foam.

Check all fluid levels – paying particular attention to the brake fluid. Most Rolls Royce have warning lights for the brakes, and they should come on if the vehicle has been sitting still for more than a day. If they don’t come on, pump the brake 10-20 times and see if that brings them on. If they still fail to come on, then that means that the lights are either broken or they have been disconnected. Treat this as a priority to fix because if you don’t have those lights, there is a risk that the brakes could lose pressure without any warning.

The lights should not come on if the car is warm or has been used recently. When you start the car, the lights should come on and then go off within 30 seconds. If they stay on, then that is an indication that you have weak accumulator valve blocks. If the lights come on after you pump the brakes fewer than ten times, or that flash if you pump the brakes just once or twice, then the car is not safe to drive, and you should replace the accumulator valve and check the brake fluids.

Rolls Royce Repair Services in Las Vegas

At All European Auto Repair, we provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to the specific requirements of Rolls Royce owners. Understanding that these luxury vehicles demand meticulous attention to detail, our technicians are skilled in various aspects of automotive care, including:

  • Engine Diagnostics: Utilizing advanced technology to accurately diagnose and address engine-related issues, ensuring your vehicle operates at peak performance.
  • Lube, Oil, and Filters: Regular maintenance services to keep your Rolls Royce running smoothly, including oil changes and filter replacements.
  • Belts and Hoses: Inspection and replacement of critical components like belts and hoses to prevent unexpected breakdowns and maintain engine health.
  • Air Conditioning: The AC system is serviced and repaired to ensure a comfortable driving experience in the Las Vegas heat.
  • Brake Repair: Comprehensive brake services, including checks and repairs of pads, rotors, and the hydraulic system for optimal safety and performance.
  • Tire and Wheel Services: Offering tire replacements, wheel alignment, and balancing to ensure your ride is smooth and your tires last longer.
  • Suspension System: Maintenance and repairs of suspension components to enhance your Rolls Royce’s ride quality and handling.
  • Transmission Services: Expertise in diagnosing and repairing transmission issues, ensuring seamless gear shifts and drivability.
  • Electrical System: Troubleshooting and repair of electrical components, from lighting to onboard diagnostics.
  • Body Shop: Professional bodywork services to address any cosmetic damage, keeping your vehicle’s appearance flawless.

In addition to these services, we source and install only the highest quality parts that meet Rolls Royce specifications. Our workshop is committed to providing unmatched detail and care in every service, whether a simple maintenance check-up or a comprehensive repair. Trust All European Auto Repair to maintain your Rolls Royce’s elegance, performance, and legacy with our expert services.



Common Issues and Problems with Rolls Royce Vehicles

Owning a Rolls Royce is the epitome of automotive luxury, but even these high-caliber vehicles can encounter their share of issues. While they age gracefully and maintain their elegance over time, certain problems are more prevalent, especially in models from 1981 to 2000. All European Auto Repair, with over two decades of experience serving Las Vegas, NV, highlights some common challenges Rolls Royce owners might face, along with insights into what repairs might be straightforward or more costly.

Paint and Interior Wear

The condition of a Rolls Royce’s paint and interior can often reflect on its mechanical care. Scratches on the paintwork or a faded, tattered interior may indicate neglect in other maintenance areas. Cosmetic repairs, especially for luxury vehicles like Rolls-Royce, with their premium leather interiors, can be expensive. Potential buyers of classic cars should consider these aspects if they aim to preserve the vehicle’s classic appeal.

Tire Issues

For modern Rolls Royces, having V-rated or better tires with stiff sidewalls is crucial for maintaining the vehicle’s renowned good handling. A used Rolls Royce that handles poorly might just need a simple tire replacement. This relatively easy and cost-effective repair can significantly improve the driving experience.


Oil leaks, particularly from around the valve cover in the middle of the engine, are not uncommon in older Rolls Royce models. Ensuring that valves are well-sealed and that there are no cracked seals while also keeping belts and hoses in good condition is essential for preventing leaks and other related issues.

Engine Simplicity

The engines in older Rolls Royce models are relatively simple compared to today’s more electronically complex engines. This simplicity allows for easier diagnoses and part replacements without the concern of interfering with intricate sensors, chips, and circuit boards. There’s also less worry about diagnostic software, making it manageable for those with moderate mechanical skills to undertake repairs themselves.

Gasket and Fluid Checks

Gaskets in Rolls Royce engines can become clogged, leading to sludge and foam build-up in the oil filler. Regularly checking fluid levels, particularly brake fluid, is crucial. Most Rolls Royce models feature warning lights for the brakes, which should activate if the car has been stationary for more than a day. If these lights fail to come on, it could indicate that the lights are broken or disconnected, posing a safety risk requiring immediate attention.

Brake Pressure and Warning Lights

Rolls-Royce vehicles are designed with sophisticated warning systems to alert the driver about brake pressure loss. However, if the warning lights do not behave as expected (e.g., failing to turn off after starting the engine or coming on after a few brake pumps), it could signal weak accumulator valve blocks or other brake system issues. These are priority fixes to ensure the vehicle is safe to drive.

With over 20 years of service, All European Auto Repair in Las Vegas has built a reputation for expertly addressing the unique needs of Rolls-Royce vehicles. Their team of highly qualified mechanics is equipped to handle everything from simple tire changes to more complex issues like brake system repairs, ensuring that every Rolls Royce continues to deliver the unmatched luxury and performance its owners expect.


European Cars Model We Serve

At All European Auto Repair in Las Vegas, we pride ourselves on our expertise across a wide range of European car models. Our highly skilled mechanics bring years of experience and specialized knowledge to each service, ensuring your luxury vehicle receives the highest quality care. Below is an overview of the key European car brands we specialize in:


Known for their innovation and driving performance, BMWs require expert care to maintain their superior handling and engine efficiency. Our mechanics are well-versed in servicing all BMW models, offering everything from routine maintenance to complex repairs, ensuring your BMW performs at its peak.


Bentley vehicles are the epitome of luxury and demand meticulous attention to detail. Our team provides comprehensive services for Bentley models, focusing on maintaining the refined performance and luxury that Bentley owners expect. We handle everything with care, whether it’s engine diagnostics, interior detailing, or suspension adjustments.


Porsche cars, renowned for their speed and precision engineering, thrive under the care of specialists who understand their unique needs. From the classic 911 to the latest Taycan, our technicians offer specialized services that keep your Porsche in race-ready condition, including performance tuning, brake services, and more.


Audi vehicles, with their advanced technology and Quattro all-wheel-drive systems, require knowledgeable technicians for maintenance and repairs. Our services cater to the entire Audi lineup, ensuring your vehicle’s performance and safety features are optimized.


Mercedes-Benz vehicles represent a pinnacle of luxury and technological advancement. Our experienced team is equipped to provide comprehensive care for your Mercedes, from A-Class to S-Class, focusing on engine performance, electrical systems, and luxurious amenities.


Volkswagen’s range of vehicles, known for reliability and innovation, benefits from regular maintenance and skilled repair work. We offer a full suite of services for Volkswagen models, ensuring they continue to provide safe and enjoyable driving experiences.

Range Rover

Specializing in Range Rover models, our technicians understand the complexities of their systems, from their rugged 4×4 capabilities to their refined interiors. We provide services that enhance their performance, whether navigating city streets or exploring off-road terrains.

Land Rover

Land Rovers, built for adventure and luxury, require specific care to maintain durability and performance. Our experts are adept at servicing all Land Rover models, ensuring they’re ready for any expedition without compromising comfort.


Volvo is synonymous with safety and Scandinavian design. Our comprehensive service plans for Volvo vehicles ensure that these cars continue to offer exceptional safety features, reliable performance, and innovative technology.


With their Italian craftsmanship and high-performance engines, Maserati cars need specialized attention to uphold their performance and luxury. Our services cover everything Maserati owners need to enjoy the thrilling driving experience their vehicles are known for.

We provide exceptional service for all European car models at All European Auto Repair. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your luxury vehicle receives the best possible care, keeping it in pristine condition both mechanically and aesthetically. Visit us today and experience the pinnacle of European auto repair and maintenance.

Finding a Reliable Rolls Royce Repair Shop in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a mechanic who truly understands the intricacies of your Rolls Royce, your search ends at All European Auto Repair in Las Vegas. Specializing in luxury vehicles, our repair shop has experienced mechanics familiar with the unique requirements of maintaining and repairing Rolls Royce. From conducting thorough engine diagnostics to executing precise brake repairs, we ensure each service is performed with unmatched attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

Understanding the significance of your luxury vehicle, we utilize only the most advanced diagnostic tools and genuine manufactured parts for every repair or maintenance task. This guarantees the quality of our work and preserves the integrity and reliability of your Rolls Royce. Whether you’re noticing a change in your car’s performance or it’s time for routine maintenance, our skilled technicians are prepared to address your needs with efficiency and expertise.

At All European Auto Repair, we value the trust placed in us by Rolls Royce owners. Our priority is to provide services that maintain your vehicle’s exceptional performance and luxury. Trust us to be your go-to Rolls Royce repair shop in Las Vegas, where every mechanic is dedicated to upholding the prestige of your luxury car.

Don’t compromise on the care your Rolls Royce deserves. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about how we can tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your luxury vehicle. Experience the difference that professional, reliable service can make.